Mind Control


Take possession of your own mind, and you may soon make life pay off on your terms.

Your mind is unquestionably your most valuable possession. You may lose every material thing you own, but knowledge can never be taken from you. With it, you can earn a new fortune, build a new home, and buy anything you truly desire. No one else can control your thoughts; even the cruelest tyrant cannot force you to think about something you refuse to accept. When you make a deliberate decision to take control of your mind and feed it positive, constructive thoughts, you are on your way to taking control of your life. The thoughts you allow to dominate your mind will determine what you will get from life.

10 Celebrities Who Perform Half-Naked on Stage


Today’s celebrities are wearing outfits that are more revealing than the bikinis of 100 years ago. What are our celebs going to be wearing in 100 years from now, dental floss? From wardrobe malfunctions to wearing the inappropriate amount of see-through clothing in the wrong light. Whether it’s the need to keep up with worldwide fashion trends or it’s just meant to boost ticket sales and shock fans. There are some vocalists who just prefer to be seemingly half-naked whilst performing on stage in front of millions of people.

With the exception of child-actor-turned-porn-goddess, all the women on this list, especially the mothers on the list, may live to regret the choices they make for the sake of remaining on top of the fame game. I mean when is enough enough. They all made more than enough money from their…uhhmm, performances.  Just retire already, sheesh.  And how do they explain this to their children?  Hmmm…I wonder what family dinner is like when mommy’s music video is playing in the background?  As for Miley, what is she is carry on with?  I don’t know but I tell you what…she’s not too old for some good old-fashioned parental intervention.  This is not okay people. Not okay. Just sayin’.  Either way, I’m praying for these women to get it together.  Lawd have mercy.



Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is infamous for her ridiculous outfits and wild stage behavior. Due to her outfits being so out of this world and quite revealing, she is victim to plenty of “wardrobe malfunctions.”



This one loves to reveal on stage.  Lace dresses, corsets that tend to reveal a large bust and a backyard that she is never too modest to wave to the crowd.


Christina Aguilera

It’s pretty obvious that she is a fan of burlesque and she just loves performing in her underwear.



This is a woman who realizes that she has a large bust and is not afraid to show them off with outrageous outfits that tend to push the boundaries of what is allowed. Her 2010 Grammy Awards outfit seems to fit all of this.



This woman just does not care how people see her. She wears whatever she wants and sometimes photos of her get leaked online of her not wearing anything!  So, take that.


Jennifer Lopez

This woman was one of the first to wear revealing dresses at the award shows and is infamous for her booty shaking antics on stage.


Jessica Wright

An English vocalist who is also a model, so she isn’t afraid of showing off her body.



Some say she may be trying too hard, but she does wear some ridiculous clothing on stage.


Miley Cyrus

If you go to one of her shows, you can enjoy her being very shall we say “extra” and see some of her revealing clothing on stage.


Katy Perry

She is not afraid to be anyone’s teenage dream as she dons revealing corsets during performances.


6 Signs He’s Serious About You


I may be looking for a man but I’m not desperate. Or lonely. I’m happy being single.  When I am in search mode, my goal is to find my personal version of “Mr. Right” not “Mr. Right Now”. But unfortunately, the men I’ve encountered in my journey has been the latter. Seems as if all I come across are the guys who think they’re God’s gift to women and the man who “has it all” but is a sleeve-bucket- male-whore.  Gone are the old-fashioned values –like keeping your word, keeping your hands to yourself, and keeping the conversation respectful.  A few first dates were disasters waiting to happen due to the overly sexual nature of the conversation. One man asked me if I like “busting a nut” every once in a while.  His crass words. Not mine.  

Needless to say most were NOT worthy of a second date.  Sorry, guys. I have standards cause I’m worth it and will be happier for it. Besides, I’m not getting any younger you know, so I really want to get it right.  What are my standards? They’re reasonable. Some are in general terms –such as well-groomed– and some are more distinct and specific. I’m not sharing my list of course. But I found this article that comes very close to my sentiments nearly as exactly as my personal preferences.



He’s transparent

Nothing is more toxic to new relationships than the nagging feeling there is more to your partner than meets the eye. Someone who is serious about you is never evasive or vague. He gives you straight answers about his work, his friends, his past relationships, and how he spends his spare time.

He introduces you to family and friends

When a man takes you to meet the important people in his life, it means one of the following: (a) he thinks you are wonderful and worth showing off—and is sure others will agree; or (b) he thinks you are wonderful and worth showing off—and doesn’t care what anyone else thinks. Either way it’s a good sign that, to him, you are much more than a casual acquaintance.


He includes you in his other interests

If he plays softball in the city recreation league, he wants you in the bleachers for the games. If he loves scuba diving, he gives you a brochure about lessons at a local pool so you can one day plan a diving trip together. The point is, he doesn’t compartmentalize his life. He’s serious enough to share it all with you.


He safeguards his time with you

Everyone is busy these days, with endless deadlines and demands. But someone who is excited about a relationship with you will not let those things rob him of your time together. He’ll go into work early rather than risk being stuck in the office that night when you’ve got a date. He’ll trim the fat from his routine. He’ll turn down competing offers—anything to be with you when he said he would.


He’s more than superficially curious about you

The difference between common small talk and a genuine desire to know you can be summed up in a single word: questions. Lots of them. If you tell him you studied creative writing in college, the interested man will want to know what drew you to that major . . . whether you write novels or poetry or screenplays . . . your favorite books of all time . . . what you’ve written lately and whether he may (please, please) read it. If you get to the end of an evening and realize the man you’re with has kept you talking the whole time about yourself, be assured that he’s quite taken with you.


He listens to you and respects your opinion

The man who thinks of you as more than a “date” will involve you in his decisions about everything from which shoes you like best when he’s shopping to how he should handle a crisis at work. The guy who is serious about you is serious about your thoughts and opinions. It goes without saying (though we’ll say it anyway) that the above ideas are posted on a two-way street: these same six signs are how HE will know you’re serious as well.

 source: http://www.eharmony.com/blog